4 Things We Do Here as a Realtor to make sales in 2024

Do you want to learn about the 4 things we do here as a realtor to makes sales in 2024

If yes is your answer, then congratulations to you.

We say congratulations to you because we believe you are a realtor, marketer or a sales person.

And this article gives a clear pathay on how to sale that product or services of your.

While we proceed in sharing this 4 unique ways to make sales as a realtor, we would like to highlight to you what those methods are;

The 4 methods are namely LSRI, Which is;

1. Learn

2. Sell

3. Recruit

4. Invest

Those 4 methods are highly valuable, and we would be more than willing to explain in details to you about how to use them to make sales in 2024

4 Things We Do Here as a Realtor to make sales in 2024
(1) Learn – A lot of us are new to Real Estate and the opportunities it presents to help get rich and wealthy.

Therefore, there is a lot to learn here ranging from Land Documents, Real Estate Terms, Marketing & Sales, Digital and Social Media Techniques and lots more.

(2) Sell – By all means we are in the business of selling, so we sell properties to our clients.

The richest people in the world are Sales people as they determine how far they earn.

(3) Recruit – We recruit team mates because its a team effort that produces the greatest reward here.

You also earn residual income from your team’s effort – the sweet part of Networking.

Robert Kiyosaki quotes Rich people build networks poor people look for work.

(4) Invest – We invest in properties also because we really believe that we should’nt only make others rich, we also have to enjoy the largesse too.

You also invest more in yourself for personal development which brings you more results.

Go for Trainings, the best Investment is Investing in your MIND and Head.

We are here to Succeed together.

Tips on how to make weekly sales

1) Pick out the property you want to sell that week.

2) Know everything about the property.

Know the property like the back of your palm. Get all the material for that property.

i.e. e-flyer, frequently asked questions, subscription form…

3) Draw out your Ad to highlight the benefits your property would be giving the buyer (what problem is the property solving).

4) Go through your phone book and make a list of prospective clients that can buy that property.

5) Put a call through to your prospects.

Greet them and find out about their well being before you gently introduce your property by telling them the problem it would solve for them e.g. investment that will give them 100% return in 1 year time…

6) Follow Up! You can send an SMS the next day or in two days time. Do not give up.

Research shows that most sales are made after the fifth try.

Persistence is the watch word. So happy selling a 2024

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