Limiting Beliefs as a Realtor in the real estate business

Here is an article about Limiting Beliefs as a Realtor in the real estate business that would guide you if you have a low self esteem while in the business.

For the real estate business is a long one, and can be mind draining resulting to limiting beliefs as an individual who might be starting up as a realtor or otherwise.

Realtors and Self Limiting Beliefs

While we proceed more on what this article is all about, we’d like to start that this article is more of a motivational article on why you should not give up i the real estate business or any business you find yourself doing.

Limiting Beliefs as a Realtor in the real estate business

Haven stated the above, here are limiting beliefs you should be aware of;

  1. Replace ‘I can’t do sell that Housing Unit or Land ‘ with ‘How can I sell it?’ – Always have a positive mindset that you can do anything in life or as a realtor even when the odds are not in your favor. So try as much to replace ‘i cant sell that housing unit or land due to the mighty figures involve to ‘ how can i sell it’

2. Replace I can’t find people who can pay for apartments or Land worth 75 M or More with How I can find people who can afford it?

3. Replace ‘I can’t afford to pay for that high networth client’s Uber from Mainland to Ibeju-Lekki to and fro or sponsored adverts on facebook , Instagram or Youtube or linkedin with ‘How can I afford it?’

4. Replace ‘It’s impossible to qualify for that All Expenses Paid Trip , Suv and UK Trip it is 250 M worth of Sales ‘ with ‘How can I make it possible to achieve such sales Volume and Qualify ?’

Powers behind every word as a realtor

Words are very powerful. They can either create you or destroy you, so use them wisely.

Self limiting beliefs are illogical and fear-based. You have decided a limit exists without ever having made the effort to prove it.

Cultivating a value for curiosity is important, why not see if something is possible rather than decide it’s not without ever testing it?

Watch your words, it defines your present and future.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

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