A 100% FREE to use Advert Platforms To Make Sales In Real Estate – Our 2024 Guide

Making sales is the dream of every seller, and here is a A 100% FREE to use Advert Platforms To Make Sales In Real Estate – Our 2024 Guide for everyone who has a product or services to sell online and offline

At article class, we write articles surrounding every and any topic of importance out there, and this article relating to real estate is one of them.

Introduction about Free Adverts Platforms

There are several free adverts platforms to make sales out there in real estate or as a realtor who is passionate about the business.

However, most of those free adverts platforms comes with a catch on a long run

Free adverts platforms came into existence since the advent of social media ages or rather the world wide web ages.

Unlike in the past when all adverts or majority of the adverts we had where on major printing press and newspapers.

And if you where not one of the big guys in the industry you wont be able to run a paid adverts not even talking of a free advert.

So we must all be grateful about these days and age that left many small startups with free adverts that converts alot.

A 100% FREE to use Advert Platforms To Make Sales In Real Estate - Our 2024 Guide

The FREE to use Advert Platforms to Make Real estate Sales

Having giving a clear overview about the beginning of free advert platforms, we are delighted to share with ypu the free advert platforms to make real estate sales

Mind you, these free to use advert platforms are the platforms we use to sell our products and services at all times

1. Whatsapp – With the advent of social media in the world right now, your first to use free to use advert platform is your whatsapp status and contact. This is made available by Posting to your WhatsApp Status and contact every now and then. For they are your first point of free to use advert platforms that’d refer you or buy from you

2. Nairaland – By creating a free to use account on nairaland and making a post on a regular basis on the website. With nairaland you can have access to reach million of users online by posting pictures and catchy write up about your product and service

3. Post to NPC – Nigeria property centre is also a lucrative free to post advert platform you can leverage on

4. Post to Jiji – By posting on jiji regularly. For jiji is a marketplace for all product and services

5. Post to Locanto – https://locanto.com.ng

5a. https://selar.co/ – The best way to sell online is on Selar. For it is an ecommerce tool creatives & entrepreneurs use to sell their content, products and services across borders without any hassle.

6. Facebook & Instagram – Post this write up, pictures and videos to your Facebook and Instagram and Tag All Your Friends

7.Create a WhatsApp Broadcast List with quality contacts on your phone and send the write-ups, pictures and videos to the list.

8. Word of Mouth: Talk to at least 10 people about This Estate today.

9. Run a Facebook Lead Generation Advert with this to generate leads and follow up aggressively.

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Actions to Take on the Free to use advert platforms to make real estate sales

Here are the day to day actions to take while using those free to use advert platforms to male sales in real estate or any any product or services of yours.

Come up with writeups related to your business or services and Post THIS WRITE UP, PICTURES AND VIDEOS on the following platforms mentioned above.

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